Below are descriptions of my core book design services (interior layout, ebook conversion, and cover design) and my print on demand setup service. All four services can be bundled together at a discount (click here for more info) or purchased individually. Contact me for a custom estimate.

Book Design

Interior layout 

Interior layout (also known as typesetting) is the process of setting your text on the page in a way that provides the best experience possible for your readers. A good layout maximizes readability through careful attention to details like font choice, word spacing, number of lines per page, and widow and orphan control. I apply a comprehensive set of style standards to ensure all books are in line with the standards used by major publishers.

To see examples of interior layouts, check out the portfolio page

Ebook Conversion

Ebook conversion is the process of formatting your ebook in a way that ensures proper display of your text across all major e-reading apps and devices. I don’t simply run your book through an automated program and hope for the best. My process involves manual, line-by-line formatting of the ebook’s code to ensure your ebook meets the formatting standards required by the major retailers (including Amazon, iBooks, Nook, and Google Play) and adheres to best practices for ebook accessibility. 

Cover Design

Cover design helps define your book and make it stand out from others. When working on a cover, my goal is always the same: to produce a cover that will connect with potential readers and make them want to pick your book off the shelf. I offer two types of cover design: simple and custom.

Simple covers start with a single stock image of your choice (we’ll help you pick the image). I then add a title treatment, spine, and back cover that complements the image you choose.  

Custom covers are when your cover requires custom artwork, needs multiple images, or for when you have multiple ideas you want to explore in mock-up form before settling on a final direction.

To see examples of cover designs, check out the portfolio page

Print on Demand Setup

Print on Demand Setup

Let me take care of setting up your print on demand project. Here’s what I’ll do:

  • Work with you to set up your publisher identity
  • Purchase and assign your book’s ISBN(s)
  • Register your book with the US Copyright Office
  • Register your book in the Library of Congress’s Preassigned Control Number program
  • Set up your account(s) with IngramSpark and/or Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Set up your book for sale and work with you to refine your book’s metadata (description, key words, BISAC classifications)